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"Bat Wings are an ingredient in some potions."
The wings of bats are comprised of a membrane with some degree of elasticity, aroung their flexible finger bones. Bat wings are also much thinner than the average wing of a bird.[1]

Bat wings are an ingredient used in potion-making; they are a required ingredient of an Armadillo Bile Mixture (19 fl.oz. of bat wings for each 125 fl.oz. of potion).[2]


In 1992, there was a pair of bat wings in a sack of dragon dung fertiliser in Greenhouse 3.

At the 1993 Hallowe'en Feast, a pair of bat wings was seen underneath a bench.

In 1994, a pair was in a crack in a wall in the Shrieking Shack. Later on that year, a pair were seen in a forest near the Quidditch World Cup. Later still, a pair were seen on a table in the Great Hall as the Triwizard Cup announced the Champions.


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