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A Basilisk egg is an egg of the said creatures.


A basilisk's egg is actually a simple chicken egg hatched under a toad, thus breeding the deadly King of Serpents. This method was first discovered by Herpo the Foul, and has been banned since Medieval times. The practise can be easily hidden when the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures comes to check by simply removing the egg from the toad. The presence of a full moon can induce basilisk eggs to hatch early if given certain other circumstances.[1]

The Ministry of Magic has said that all chicken coops in the Wizarding world are subject to police inspection in order to thwart Basilisk breeding.

Known Hatched Eggs

Behind the scenes

  • Alastor Moody believed in paranoia that one of his birthday present was a cleverly disguised basilisk egg and smashed it apart before realising it was a carriage clock.


Notes and references

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