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"Mary Lou Barebone, a handsome midwestern woman in a 1920s version of Puritan dress, charismatic and earnest, stands on a small stage at the steps to the City Bank...Mary Lou’s three adopted children, adults Credence and Chastity, and Modesty (an eight-year-old girl), hand out leaflets. Credence appears nervous and troubled."
—Description of the Barebone family[src]

The Barebone family was an American No-Maj family that descended from one of the Scourers who evaded justice in the late 17th century by integrating into No-Maj society. At least possible one adopted member named Credence Barebone was found to be magical.

As with other Scourer-founded families studied by American wizarding historian Theophilus Abbot, the Barebones were marked by a profound belief in the existence of magic and an equally deep hatred of it, which they passed down the generations.[2]

Family history

Early history

The Barebone family was an American No-Maj family that descended from one of the Scourers who evaded justice in the late 17th century by integrating into No-Maj society. The Scourers were a band of rogue wizarding mercenaries that took part in torture, murder, and wizard-trafficking.

Bartholomew Barebone was an American No-Maj who lived during the 18th century.[3] Descended from one of the Scourers who escaped justice, he had an intense hatred of witches and wizards. This hatred caused his desire to expose the existence of the wizarding world, which propelled one of the largest ever breaches of the International Statute of Secrecy.[3]

Bartholomew met Dorcus Twelvetrees at a neighbourhood picnic one day.[3] She became smittened with him and performed "little tricks" for him. Dorcus interpreting his interest as nothing more than than politeness and curiosity, and duly answered his "artless" queries.[3] In the course of these interactions, she revealed to him the locations of Ilvermorny and the headquarters of the Magical Congress of the United States of America. She also provided him information about the International Confederation of Wizards and the manners in which the wizarding community endeavoured to hide itself from the No-Maj world.[3]

Unbeknownst to her, Bartholomew was in fact descended from a Scourer line, meaning that he vehemently believed in the existence of magic, and that all witches and wizards were evil.[3] Having manipulated Dorcus into revealing as much about the wizarding world as he could, he proceeded to steal her wand.[3] He showed the wand to as many newspaper reporters as possible, and a few were motivated to publish pictures of it, describing it as having a "kick like a mule" when waved.[3] He also printed and distributed leaflets listing the wizarding addresses Dorcus had revealed to him, and sent letters to important No-Majs, prompting some to investigate whether the "evil occult parties" he described were actually occurring.[3]

After shooting at a group of No-Majs he wrongly assumed to be Magical Congress of the United States of America employees, Bartholomew was arrested by No-Maj authorities, but the damage had already been done.[3] The MACUSA was left struggling to cope with one of the most massive breaches of the International Statute of Secrecy in history.[3] They attempted to modify the memories of all No-Majs exposed to the leaked information, but, as President Rappaport testified at a public inquiry, there was no way to be certain they had obliviated everyone.[3]

Recent history

In the 1920s Mary Lou Barebone was the leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society, also known as the Second Salemers. This was a fanatical American No-Maj group which sought to expose and destroy wizardkind. Mary Lou also had three adopted children: Credence, Chastity, and Modesty Barebone. The society published and distributed a pamphlet entitled Witches Live Among Us!.[4] The family line may have ended following the death of Mary Lou.

Family members

Person(s) Notes
Bartholomew Barebone an 18th-century No-Maj who tricked the witch Dorcus Twelvetrees into revealing many details about the wizarding world in the largest-ever breach of the International Statute of Secrecy[2]
Mary Lou Barebone a No-Maj woman who lead the "fanatical" anti-witchcraft group the New Salem Philanthropic Society in the 1920s[1]
Chastity Barebone eldest adopted daughter of Mary Lou[5]
Credence Barebone adopted son of Mary Lou[1][5]
Modesty Barebone youngest adopted daughter of Mary Lou[5]

Family tree

Bartholomew Barebone
Mary Lou
Chastity Barebone
Modesty Barebone


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