A teaser for an upcoming article on barcodes in The Quibbler

A barcode was a printed sequence of parallel bars of varying thickness.[1] The bars represented the binary numbers 0 and 1, which could in turn be grouped in longer sequences to represent the numbers 0 to 9.[1] Barcodes were included on Muggle consumer goods and could be read by optical-scanning machines to allow products to be quickly inventoried and identified.[1]

In a 1996 issue, The Quibbler published a teaser for an upcoming article on barcodes, part of its semi-regular "Muggle World" series written by a "Ministry Insider."[2]

Known barcodes

Image Product UPC number
BlishensSafetyMatchesBarcode Blishen's Safety Matches[3] 4901780627363[3]
HadriansWallBarcode Issue of Hadrian's Wall from 1997[4] 5011567154612[4]
KnittersOwnBarcode Issue of Knitter's Own from 1996[5] 221240694026[5]
LimaLushBarcode Lima Lush soft drink[6] 9781551668703[6]
MinteezBarcode Minteez brand breathmints[7] 9000899731[7]
MyTeethBarcode Issue of My Teeth from 1997[8] unknown
BerryBlissBarcode Berry Bliss blend herbal tea by Pollington & Newman's[9] unknown
GreenTeaBarcode Green tea by Pollington & Newman's[10] unknown
RadioTimesBarcode Issue of Radio Times from 1997[11] 9770961887163[11]


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