Barnabas barmy

A tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy's attempt to teach ballet to trolls

"Training for the ballet, Potter?"
Draco Malfoy to Harry Potter in 1992.[src]

Ballet is a formalised kind of performance dance, which originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the fifteenth century, and which was further developed in France, Russia, and Britain as a concert dance form.

A wizard named Barnabas the Barmy once attempted to train a group of trolls in ballet, although this did not end well for him. A moving tapestry depicting this ill-fated attempt was located in the Seventh-floor corridor of Hogwarts Castle, opposite the entrance to the Room of Requirement. The special move for the French National team of Quidditch is known as the Blitzen Ballet.

During the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin Quidditch match in 1992, Draco Malfoy asked Harry Potter if he was training for the ballet as Harry was forced to perform a complicated series of moves on his broomstick to avoid a rogue bludger.[1]

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