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"Professor McGonagall was shouting at someone who, by the sound of it, had turned his friend into a badger."

Badgering[1] is a transfiguration spell that turns a target into a badger. In late 1992, a student in Transfiguration class accidentally performed this spell on a classmate, earning a shouting from Professor McGonagall as consequence.[2] This spell may be related to the Cauldron to badger spell; it may also be related to the Human to ferret spell.


Notes and references

  1. On the Harry Potter: Trading Card Game the Transfigured boy is refered to as a "Badgered Boy", so it seems logical "Badgering" is the correct term, albeit never actually written
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Chapter 11 (The Duelling Club)

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