Avenseguim[1] is the incantation of a spell that turns a target object into a tracking device.[2]


In 1927, Newton Scamander used this spell to track the origins of a feather - a clue found during his search for Porpentina Goldstein - back to Yusuf Kama, whose hat the feather came from.[1]


The incantation Avenseguim is likely derived from the portmanteau of avens, a Latin adjective for "eager" or "craving",[3] and seguir, the Spanish and Portuguese verb meaning "to follow" (or alternatively from the Catalan seguim, meaning "we follow").[4] Taken together, Avenseguim can be interpreted as "to eagerly follow", which aptly characterises the behaviour of a tracking device.

Behind the scenes

  • The spelling for the incantation is incorrectly given as "Avensegium" in the companion book, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: Magical Movie Handbook.


Notes and references