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Australian National Quidditch team
Australian National Quidditch team
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1966 Quidditch World Cup

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (video game) (on a poster)[2]

The Australian National Quidditch team is the Quidditch team that represents Australia in international Quidditch tournaments. They won the 1966 Quidditch World Cup[1]. It is also known participants in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.[3]

Team Special Move

The Team starts its 20 point team special move with Chaser Matthew Echunga leading Chasers Maria Monteith and Kenneth Hastings, and Beater Kelly Whakkaarangapawarau. Echunga and Monteith pass the Quaffle to each other, avoiding passing Chasers, then Hastings receives the Quaffle and scores. Echunga then passes the Quaffle to Monteith and she scores another goal.


Harry Potter- Quidditch World Cup 02

Australian Stadium

The Australian Quidditch Stadium is set in a rocky canyon hidden in The Central Australian Outback. Most of the pitch including the stands are the colour orange. There are flags set around the stands that bear the colours white and red with two kangaroos.


The team's emblem is green and yellow. It features a gloved hand reaching for the Snitch. On top is a pilgrim ship.


The Australian Quidditch Robes are green with a golden kangaroo on the front and back.


Australian National Team
Matthew Echunga Maria Monteith Kenneth Hastings
  Kelly Whakkaarangapawarau Kylie Meadows  
Keeper Seeker
Jonny Nuhaka Lucy Karoonda


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