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" Neville seized the envelope, and holding it before him like a bomb, sprinted out of the hall, while the Slytherin table exploded with laughter at the sight of him. They heard the Howler go off in the entrance hall — Neville's grandmother's voice, magically magnified to a hundred times its usual volume, shrieking about how he had brought shame on the whole family."

This Howler was written by Augusta Longbottom to her grandson Neville in February, 1994, after Neville misplaced his password list, thus enabling Sirius Black to enter Gryffindor Tower. Following Ronald Weasley's advice (who had got a Howler from his mother the school year before), Neville grabbed the Howler and ran so that the students gathered for breakfast at the Great Hall would not hear it. The Howler went off moments later in the Entrance Hall, shrieking about how Neville "had brought shame" on the family.[1]


Notes and references

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