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The Astronomy Stairs[1] is a steep spiral staircase connecting the bottom and the top of the Astronomy Tower. Thus, it is the tallest stairway in Hogwarts Castle.

The stairway begins on the ground floor (accessible via the Middle Courtyard and Astronomy Tower courtyard) stops off at the Astronomy reading room and then continues to the Astronomy classroom at the top of the tower.



The trio during the Battle of the Astronomy Tower.

Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (video game) - Nintendo DS version
  2. It appears in the very end of the level, and is made of stone, rather than steel.

Astronomy Classroom
Professors: Aurora Sinistra
Astronomy at Hogwarts: Astronomy department · Astronomy Tower · Astronomy Room · Astronomy Stairs · Astronomy Corridor · Astronomy reading room ·
Astronomy classroom
Astronomers: Aurora Sinistra · Copernicus · George von Rheticus · Perpetua Fancourt
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