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Arturo Cephalopos was a wandmaker in the 19th century. During this period, silver lime was fashionable as a wand wood, and he claimed that its alleged association with divination powers was "a falsehood circulated by merchants like Gerbold Ollivander, who have overstocked their workshops with it and hope to shift their surplus." However, according to Gerbold's grandson Garrick Ollivander, Cephalopos was a "slipshod wandmaker" and "an ignoramus," who, to no one's surprise, went out of business.[1]


Cephalopos might be of Greek origin (at least in his ancestry), as his surname's etymology (as well as surname formation) suggests.

  • "Arturo" is the Italian/Spanish form of "Arthur", whose meaning is unknown. It could be derived from British art "bear" combined with viros "man", or it could be related to Irish art "stone". Alternatively it could be related to an obscure Roman family name Artorius. Arthur is the name of the central character in Arthurian legend, a 6th-century king of the Britons who presided over the knights of the Round Table.
    • Like his famous namesake, Cephalopos most likely headed his own shop (as wandmaker).
  • "Cephalopos" is a likely Greek compound word (though it resembles nothing like a modern Greek surname):
    • "cephalo" from the Ancient Greek κεφαλή ‎(kephalḗ), meaning "head" (in biology, the "brain"), and is the origin of the English prefix "cephalo-" & suffix "-cephalic" .
    • "pos" from either:
      • πούς ‎(poús), meaning "leg/foot" (and thru its derivative "ποδός" (podós), the origin of the English prefix "-pod")
      • πως ‎(pōs), Greek adverb meaning "how?" or "in what way?"
    • Put together, "cephalopos" suggests an individual with a low intelligence, essentially a foreshadowing of his character ("ignoramus") & fate (his wand business came under).


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Pottermore wand wood information (transcription available here)

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