Arthur Weasley's file is a file kept by the Ministry of Magic while it was under Lord Voldemort's control in 1997. It was kept in Dolores Umbridge's office.

The document listed Arthur's blood status, the status of his family, and his security status within the Ministry. Because he was a known member of the Order of the Phoenix, Arthur was under constant surveillance. The Ministry also believed that there was a strong likelihood Harry Potter would try and contact him.



BLOOD STATUS: Pure-blood, but with unacceptable pro-Muggle leanings. Known member of the Order of the Phoenix.

FAMILY: Wife (pure-blood), seven children, two youngest at Hogwarts. NB: Youngest son currently at home, seriously ill, Ministry inspectors have confirmed.

SECURITY STATUS: TRACKED. All movements are being monitored. Strong likelihood Undesirable No. 1 will contact (has stayed with Weasley family previously).