Professor[1] Arsenius Jigger was a wizard and an author specialising in Potions and Defence Against the Dark Arts, having written: Magical Drafts and Potions,[2] Potion Opuscule,[3] and The Essential Defence Against the Dark Arts.[4]

Arsenius Jigger also contributed to Transfiguration Today in the 1920s such as the article Lycanthropy v. Werewolfry.[5] He was also, at an unknown point, a professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.[1] A shop in Diagon Alley bears the name Slug and Jiggers, and may belong to him.


  • Arsenius may be derived from the word "arsenious" meaning "containing arsenic", a very poisonous metallic element. Arsenius may also be be a reference to the famous physicist and chemist Svante Arrhenius. A jigger is a liquid measurement, often for liquor, of 1½ fluid ounces (44 millilitres).


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