Arithmancy is a magical discipline that studies the magical properties of numbers, including predicting the future with numbers and numerology.[1] Those who practised Arithmancy were called Arithmancers.

Arithmancy was an elective subject offered from the third year on at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the homework assignments of which included writing essays that required the consultation and/or composition of complex number charts.[2]

Notable Arithmancers

Arithmantic texts


Arithmancer and Arithmancy come from the Greek αριθμός (arithmos), meaning "number", and μαντεία (manteia), meaning "divination". Hence "Arithmancy" literally means "number divination", which is fitting.

Behind the scenes

  • In reality, Arithmancy is the study of the magical properties of numbers. However, this would include numerology, which reconciles both JK's statement about the definition of Arithmancy and the fact that known Arithmancers like Bridget Wenlock have only been known to study things other than this.
  • Hermione has expressed open contempt for the subject of Divination, yet has also proclaimed that Arithmancy (in which numerology is prominent) is her favourite subject. While this may seem contradictory at first, it should be remembered that Arithmancy applies much more rigorous and mathematical approaches to predicting the future (which the scientifically-inclined Hermione would respond to), unlike Divination, which she detested because it seemed to be "a lot of guesswork."


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