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"I'm not putting them on. I like a healthy breeze around my privates, thanks."
—Archie to a Ministry of Magic official at the Quidditch World Cup[src]

Archie Aymslowe (f. 1994) was a wizard and president of the Fresh Air Refreshes Totally (F.A.R.T.) movement, whose members, in direct violation of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy, refuse to wear Muggle trousers in public, insisting that they "stem the magical flow at source."[1]

Archie attended the Quidditch World Cup in 1994. Since the event was a large gathering of wizards, the Ministry of Magic wanted them to dress as Muggles. Archie himself wore a flowery female nightdress without realising that what he had chosen was inappropriate. However, he resisted all efforts by a Ministry official to get him to change into a pair of pin-striped trousers, insisting that he preferred a "healthy breeze" around his "privates." Hermione Granger found this amusing, having a fit of giggles and ducking out of the area, waiting until Archie had left to return to the others.


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