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" [...] and Araminta Meliflua... cousin of my mother's... tried to force through a Ministry Bill to make Muggle-hunting legal [...]'"
Sirius Black to Harry Potter on Araminta[src]

Araminta Meliflua Black[3] was Walburga Black’s cousin, and Sirius Black’s first or second cousin once removed. She was noted for her hatred of Muggles. She once tried to get the Ministry of Magic to pass a law that would make Muggle-hunting legal. The bill was most likely turned down.


  • Araminta is a name of uncertain origin. It may be an elaborated form of Aminta, which derives from the Greek word amyntor, meaning "defender." Araminta Ross was the birth name of African-American abolitionist Harriet Tubman.
  • Meliflua is presumably based on the English adjective "mellifluous," which means "sweet-sounding" and derives from the Latin mellifluus, "flowing like honey".

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. Araminta has to be alive at least seventeen years before 1995 (1978) to be of age to petition for a law to be passed at a point pre-1995. However, as a cousin of Walburga's, she may be around the same age.
  2. This is most likely, as she was not blasted off the Black family tree
  3. Wizard's Challenge at the Scholastic Official Site

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