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Aqua Eructo Charm

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Aqua Eructo is a charm that can create a jet of water not unlike a fire hose, shooting with violent force at whatever the caster so desires. Information pertaining to, and instructions on, this charm could be found in a certain spellbook.

This spell is taught late in the third year[1], and is rather useful in extinguishing fires as well as in pushing small objects, though it is generally used for the latter purpose.


"Aqua" is Latin for "water"[2], and "eructo" is Latin for "erupt"[3]; therefore, the incantation, roughly translated, means "water erupts". This is suitable given the effect of the spell, which is for large, powerful jets of water to erupt from the wand.

Behind the scenes

  • This charm appears only in the fourth video game, and does not appear anywhere else in the franchise. Therefore, it may have been meant as an early form for Aguamenti, before the latter came into use.


Notes and references

  1. As Harry, Ron and Hermione all already know it in the summer before their fourth year, and yet they didn't know it for most of their third year, evidently it appeared in the curriculum sometime during late third year.
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