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The Appleby Arrows are a Quidditch team from either: Appleby, a village in northern England; or more probably, Appleby-in-Westmorland (which was known only as Appleby until 1974), a town in northern England. The Arrows play in the British and Irish Quidditch League. Founded in 1612, the Arrows play in robes of pale blue, emblazoned with a silver arrow. There is traditionally fierce rivalry between the Arrows and the Wimbourne Wasps.[1]

The Arrows are the only English Quidditch team not located in the West Country.

Gregory Cotton was a seeker for the Appleby Arrows.



The club was founded.


The club's supporters old practice of shooting arrows into the air from their wands every time their Chasers scored was banned by the Department of Magical Games and Sports in 1894, when one of these weapons pierced the referee, Nugent Potts, through the nose.[2]


Arrows fans agree that their team's most glorious hour was their 1932 defeat of the team who were then the European champions, the Vratsa Vultures, in a match that lasted sixteen days in conditions of dense fog and rain.[3]


The Arrows defeated the Chudley Cannons in the Summer, aided by a pathetic performance by Cannon's Seeker Galvin Gudgeon.[4]


Pride of Portree are defeated by the Arrows. The two Seekers collide in their race for the Golden Snitch, and both have illegal jinxes used on them.

The Arrows were seventh in the League in October.[5]


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