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Antidote to garish pink blended poison

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This poison antidote was a brew used to counteract the effects of a certain garishly pink poison.

On 7 January, 1997, Potions master Horace Slughorn presented each of his sixth-year Potions students with a phial of poison so that they could brew this adequate antidote under the principle of Golpalott's Third Law. It turned out to be a very complex endeavour, and no one got to actually finish it, although Harry Potter handed Slughorn a Bezoar which, according to the Half-Blood Prince's instructions, would be equally effective against the poison.[1]

Brewing instructions

1. Pour the poison into a cauldron and light a fire underneath it.
2. Use Scarpin's Revelaspell to identify the poison's ingredients.
3. Separate the ingredients of the poison, and decant them into ten different crystal phials.
4. Via application of Golpalott's Third Law, one must select antidotes to those ingredients in themselves and find "that added component" which will, by an almost alchemical process, transform the disparate elements into a blended and effective antidote (specific procedure unclear).
  • Mistakes at this stage will produce the following effects:
    • Profuse smell of bad eggs.
    • Emmission of "putrid fumes".
5. One obtains the half-finished brew sometime at this point, the brew being comprised of fifty-two ingredients (including a chunk of the maker's hair), and it should bubble sluggishly.
6. Unknown finishing procedure.


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Chapter 18 (Birthday Surprises)

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