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The Boggart

"I've been combing the castle ever since Tuesday, and very luckily, I found this one lurking inside Mr Filch's filing cabinet. It's the nearest we'll get to a real Dementor."
—Professor Lupin details his discovery of this boggart.[src]

This Boggart was procured by Remus Lupin for use in Harry Potter's Anti-Dementor lessons in 1994.

The Tuesday before the first of the scheduled lessons, held on Thursdays, Lupin began combing Hogwarts Castle, hoping to find a Boggart, as a reasonable substitute for an actual Dementor was needed for use in the lessons. Since Harry's worst fear was the Dementors (as a representation of fear itself), the boggart would take the form of one when Harry faced it. After much searching, Lupin successfully located a Boggart in Argus Filch's filing cabinet and trapped it in an old packing case. When not in use, he kept the boggart in a cupboard under his desk in his office.[1]

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Chapter 12 (The Patronus)

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