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Lady Anne Boleyn[2] (1501/150119 May 1536) was Queen consort of England between 1533 and 1536, as the second wife of the notorious King Henry VIII, and mother to Queen Elizabeth I of England.

It is a popular historical theory that Boleyn, accused by Muggles of being a witch, was actually a Squib. This theory was disbelieved by many Wizards and Muggles, namely because the accuser was Henry VIII, who accused her of witchcraft to seduce him into marriage, and made the accusations after she fell from royal favour after multiple stillbirths.[3][4]

A portrait of a witch, based on Anne, was hung on Hogwarts Castle's Grand Staircase, near the second-floor landing.[5]


Notes and references

  1. Earlier historians considered 1507 to be the accepted date but in 1981, the art historian Hugh Paget successfully demonstrated that a letter Anne had written in 1513 from Brussels when she was a maid of honour in that court, a position which was only open to a 12- or 13-year-old, was not the hand of a six-year-old. [Ives – Life & Death of Anne Boleyn]
  2. Anne became Lady Anne when her father became Earl of Wiltshire. She became Queen on marriage to Henry, but reverted to her status of Lady Anne Boleyn when her marriage was annulled; she was executed as Lady, rather than Queen.
  3. Fifth question of the Third W.O.M.B.A.T. at J. K. Rowling's Official Site.
  4. If this is true, then, at least in the Potter-verse, then Henry's claims of being "bewitched" by Anne may be possible as it is unknown as to whether the ability to use magic is required to make love potions; if not, then it is possible that Anne made them and smuggled them to Henry.
  5. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (film)

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