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Animagus Registry
Organisation information

Level 2, Ministry of Magic, Whitehall, London


Regulation of all known Animagi. Public register.


Ministry of Magic

"We did Animagi in class with Professor McGonagall. And I looked them up when I did my homework — the Ministry of Magic keeps tabs on witches and wizards who can become animals; there's a register showing what animal they become, and their markings and things… and I went and looked Professor McGonagall up on the register, and there have been only seven Animagi this century, and Pettigrew's name wasn't on the list."
Hermione Granger.[src]

The Animagus Registry[1] is a Ministry of Magic registry service, presumably under the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Animagi are required to submit themselves once they acquire the ability to turn into an animal,[2] and failure to do so results in imprisonment in Azkaban.[3]


Notes and references

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Department of Magical Law Enforcement
Level 2, Ministry of Magic
Department of Magical Law Enforcement
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