"Oh, Angus McMangus, you should have been great!
With talents aplenty — success on a plate!
We all thought you'd garner great grades quite securely —
But Angus McMangus, your spells turned out poorly.
—Miranda Goshawk, "The Ballad of Angus McMangus"[src]

Angus McMangus was the character that Miranda Goshawk's poem "The Ballad of Angry Angus McMangus" centres around. Like all characters in these conundrums, Angus was based off a real person, with only his name changed for his protection, in this case a classmate's of Miranda's. Great things were expected from him, but he lacked the patience to achieve them.


The student Angus McMangus was based on was born somewhere in Great Britain in or around 1921. He attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sometime around 1932, being in the same year as Miranda Goshawk. Everyone around him, including himself, expected him to excel in his studies; Miranda described him as having "success on a plate".

However, in his first Charms class, he got frustrated when his first attempt at casting a spell failed and began to shout and complain. This behaviour continued for each of his classes, giving up after a single mistake. Though his teachers tried to get him to calm down, they were unsuccessful, and his anger finally led him to snap his own wand in two.

Miranda would later remember her former classmate when composing conundrums for the Book of Spells. Changing his name to Angus McMangus, she wrote the poem "The Ballad of Angry Angus McMangus" about his exploits, including it at the end of chapter three.