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These eight witches and wizards were siblings of Flora, Hamish and famed rugby player Angus Buchanan, and therefore children of John and Mary Buchanan[1]. The daughters among this group had won the village tug-of-war every year in living memory; all of the children were described as being "enormous" and "wild"[1].

When Angus was disowned by their father upon being rejected by the Sorting Hat as he was a Squib, he placed an edict upon them forbidding them from seeing or talking to their brother again[1]. They, however, revolted, and attended his first rugby match, against England, which he won[1].

Behind the scenes

  • In real life, Angus had eleven siblings, rather than ten, and none of them were called Hamish or Flora; their names were Mary (b. 1845), Marjory (b. 1837), Eleanor (b. 1851) , John (b. 1842), Duncan (b. 1839), Duncan Fletcher (b. 1855), Betsy (b. 1840), Margaret Eleanor (b. 1853), Ann (b. 1848), George (b. 1835) and Hugh Peter (b. 1857).[2]. Five of these siblings were born after the real-life Angus Buchanan.


Notes and references

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