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"Andros the Invincible (Ancient Greek, dates unknown): Alleged to have been the only known wizard to produce a Patronus the size of a giant."
Chocolate Frog Card.[src]

Andros the Invincible was a celebrated Ancient Greek wizard who, reportedly, was able to conjure a Patronus of giant size — the only Patronus of such size ever recorded.



Andros was born in Greece, in the Classical antiquity. At some point, he mastered wandless spellcasting as well as the Patronus Charm. His Patronus, it was claimed, was the size of a Giant, although the shape it took is unclear. In recognition of his skill in wizardry, he earned the epithet 'the Invincible'.


By the 1990s, Andros was featured on a Chocolate Frog Card, which recorded his wizarding skills and depicted him conjuring his famous Patronus wandlessly.


  • The word Andras, from which Andros comes, is Greek for "man". The word is currently used as a prefix in many non-Greek words. It is also the name of a Greek island (Andros), an Atlantic island, and several fictional characters in franchises such as Power Rangers, Sandman and Marvel Comics.


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