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Ancient age flying test

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"Eye-witnesses Leonora Gore and Daphne Maubyslin said that the accident was caused by 'a rather feeble old wizard called Armando Dippet', a local well known for his erratic flying. He is due to take his ancient age flying test next month on his 355th birthday. Unfortunately, this accident occurred a month too early."
Evening Prophet, 1 September, 1992; Flying Ford Anglia Mystifies Muggles, by Andy Smudgley.[src]

The ancient age flying test was a test that advanced-aged wizards and witches must take in order to continue legally operating a broomstick.

Armando Dippet was due to take his in October, 1992 on his 355th birthday. This was mentioned on the front-page article of the Evening Prophet on 1 September, 1992, in which the Flying Ford Anglia incident was blamed on Dippet by his neighbours Leonora Gore and Daphne Maubyslin, as he was known for erratic flying.[1]


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