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Amulet-seller: "One for your little girl, madam? Protect her pretty little neck?"
Mr. Weasley: "If I were on duty..."
Mrs. Weasley: "Yes, but don't go arresting anyone now, dear, we're in a hurry."
— A street peddler attempts to sell Molly Weasley a supposed protective amulet.[src]

An amulet is a small object thought to bring good luck, though their actual ability to provide protection seems dubious at best. Gilderoy Lockhart claimed to have dealt with Transmogrifian Torture in Ouagadougu by giving townsfolk protective amulets.[1] In 1992, a booming trade in protective amulets started in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry because of Salazar Slytherin's monster. Neville Longbottom purchased a pointed purple crystal, a newt tail, and an "evil-smelling green onion" that may have been a gurdyroot before it was pointed out to him that he was Pure-blood and therefore unlikely to be in danger. His response to this was that the monster went after Filch (through his cat) first, and everyone knew that he was almost a Squib.[2] Later, when Voldemort returned, a sale of protective amulets from dark creatures started up in Diagon Alley. A peddler attempted to sell Molly Weasley one of these amulets, which his signage claimed were effective against werewolves, Dementors and Inferi, but he was not successful.[3]


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