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American National Quidditch team
American National Quidditch team
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United States of America


Navy blue and dark red

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The American National Quidditch team are the national side of the United States of America.

Team Special Move

The U.S.A. has a basketball-style Team Special Move named The Harlem Shuffle (20 points). The name is taken from the popular Muggle basketball team The Harlem Globetrotters, who are best known for their skillful and entertaining play involving a ball of similar size to the Quaffle, during games.
The American's celebrating
Chasers Green and Muntz with Seeker Singleton
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The Harlem Shuffle plays out as follows: First, Chaser Gianni Fedele spins it atop his finger, shouting to his fellow Chasers, "Get ready, guys!" He passes the Quaffle immediately on to Robert Green, who dribbles it back and forth on his broomstick for a few moments, then passes to Debbie Muntz. Muntz plays piggie-in-the-middle with the other team's Chaser(s), while sliding the Quaffle down her outstretched arms and behind her head. She throws it to Fedele, who throws it to Green, who scores by throwing the Quaffle in from behind the goal post after diving off of his broomstick, while falling. Muntz takes it and scores once again, the other team's Keeper diving off their broom, but failing to make the save.[1]


Quidditch World Cup - American Quidditch Stadium 01
The American Quidditch team's National Quidditch pitch.
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The American team's national stadium is always dark with its black sky and Hallowe'en theme. It is covered with pumpkins and its buildings are quite old, being New England Victorian in architecture. The bottom of the Quidditch pitch is covered with dirt and quite a few weeds, and the pitch itself sports line markers similar to those seen on an American football field circa 1920. The side banners have red and white stripes and blue stars.

Team's emblem
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The team's emblem is blue on top with three white stars. There are vertical stripes of red and white below and a black eagle with a Beater's bat in each claw.


Gianni Fedele 914745 20031028 screen001
Gianni Fedele gets hit with a bludger
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1986 Quidditch World Cup

The American National Quidditch team participated in the Quidditch World Cup. Maximus Brankovitch III was their captain.

1990 Quidditch World Cup

The U.S.A. participated in this year's World Cup. Brankovitch III was their captain again.

1994 Quidditch World Cup

The U.S.A. competed in the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. Their team was Fedele, Muntz, Green, Ruczinski, Duvall, Heidelberger and Singleton.

2014 Quidditch World Cup

The U.S.A. qualified for the 2014 Quidditch World Cup, which begins in Argentina in April.[2]


American National Team
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Unknown Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Maximus Brankovitch III (Captain)
American National Team
Unknown Unknown Unknown
  Unknown Unknown  
Keeper Seeker
Unknown Maximus Brankovitch III (Captain)
American National Team
Gianni Fedele (Captain) Debbie Muntz Robert Green
  Greg Ruczinski Troy Duvall  
Keeper Seeker
Ralph Heidelberger Ariel Singleton


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