The American National Quidditch Stadium is a Quidditch stadium located in the New England, United States of America.


The American team's national stadium appears to be on a New England farm, with a barn behind one goal and a road leading to a hilltop Victorian mansion behind the other, heavily implying that the stadium and field are privately owned (a possible nod to America's emphasis on private, rather than state-run enterprise). The field seems to always be dark with its cloudy grey sky and Hallowe'en theme. It is covered with jack-o-lanterns, surrounded by autumn-colored trees, and its buildings are quite old, being New England Victorian in architecture. The bottom of the Quidditch pitch is covered with dirt and quite a few weeds and mowed-down crops, and the pitch itself sports line markers similar to those seen on an American football field circa 1920. Given the farm buildings and the ploughed dirt nature of the field, it is likely that the field is used to grow crops in the off-season. The side banners have red and white stripes and blue stars.[1]


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