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*[[Edgar Bones's children|Grandchildren]]†
*[[Edgar Bones's children|Grandchildren]]†
*[[Susan Bones]] (granddaughter)
*[[Susan Bones]] (granddaughter)
|blood=[[Pure-blood]]<ref>Madame Bones is considered a threat, but not a "blood traitor" which half-bloods, like Tonks, and Pure-bloods who married Half-bloods or Muggleborns, like Andromeda Tonks, were. This implies that she is a Pure-blood and she can only be a Pure-blood if both of her parents were too.</ref>

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"No one lived after he decided ter kill 'em, no one except you, an' he'd killed some of the best witches and wizards of the age - the McKinnons, the Bones, the Prewetts - you were only a baby an' you lived."
Rubeus Hagrid to Harry Potter[src]

Mr Bones was the father of Amelia Bones and Edgar Bones. He and his wife were killed by Voldemort at some point during the First Wizarding War.[2]

It is likely that Mr Bones had a third child, as his granddaughter, Susan Bones, was niece to both his daughter Amelia and his son Edgar.


Notes and references

  1. In Ch. 4 of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince, Horace Slughorn states that family members are often Sorted into the same House. This may indicate that Amelia's father was Sorted into Hufflepuff, as his granddaughter Susan was. However, there are exceptions.
  2. 20 October, 2000 chat with J.K. Rowling at Accio Quote!

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