Ambrosius Flume was a wizard who, by the 1990s, ran Honeydukes Sweetshop in Hogsmeade, a very popular shop among Hogwarts students during the school's weekend trips to the village, with his wife.


Early life

Ambrosius Flume attended Hogwarts School in his youth and was taught Potions by Horace Slughorn. Ambrosius became a member of the Slug Club.[4]


As he was a member of the Slug Club, Horace Slughorn introduced Ambrosius to Ciceron Harkiss and thus had him employed. As repayment for Horace's kindness, Flume sent a hamper of Slughorn's favourite sweets (Crystallised pineapple) to him annually on his birthday.[4]

Marriage and Honeydukes

At some point in his life, Ambrosius married Mrs Flume.[4] By 1993, the couple lived in a flat above Honeydukes Sweetshop and ran together said shop. In 1993, during one of the weekend trips to Hogsmeade, Mrs Flume asked Ambrosius to get some Jelly Slugs, as the shop was filled with Hogwarts students.[3]

Battle of Hogwarts

It is most likely that as a former Hogwarts student Ambrosius participated in the Battle of Hogwarts alongside his wife, and fellow Hogsmeade residents Aberforth Dumbledore, Madam Rosmerta and Madam Puddifoot.


Ambrosius comes from the Greek word "ambrosia" meaning food or drink of the deities. It is also referred as nectar, which is sweet and bestows immortality. A flume is an artificial channel for the flow of water.

Behind the scenes


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