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"...had been robbed of her home, her gold and her wand by an evil sorcerer"
—Altheda's description[src]

Altheda was one of the three female protagonists in the tale, The Fountain of Fair Fortune, written by Beedle the Bard.


Early life

During Altheda's life, her home, money, and wand had all been stolen by a Dark Wizard, leaving her to wallow in poverty and despair.

Quest for the Fountain

Altheda came to the Fountain, in the hope of finding relief from poverty and unhappiness after her possessions had been stolen by a Dark Wizard. After completing three trials, Altheda arrived at the Fountain with her companions Asha, Amata, and Sir Luckless. Before the four could decide who would get to bathe in the Fountain, however, Asha collapsed from exhaustion. Altheda quickly gathered some of the herbs that grew around the Fountain and prepared a potion for Asha. The potion not only saved Asha's life, but also cured her of the malady she suffered, which she had believed only the Fountain could heal.

Later life

In curing Asha's sickness, Altheda realized that she had the means to earn a living, and thus had no need to bathe in the Fountain. She left the garden with her three companions and went on to lead a long, happy life.


Altheda may be a variant of the name Althea, which derives from the Greek word althein, meaning "to heal."[1] In Greek mythology, Althaea was the mother of the Meleager, one of the Argonauts.


Notes and references

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