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"Then Altheda hastened to pick all those herbs she thought most hopeful, and mixed them in Sir Luckless's gourd of water, and poured the potion into Asha's mouth. At once, Asha was able to stand. What was more, all symptoms of her dread malady had vanished."

Altheda's potion was a potion that Altheda made from water and beautiful rare herbs that grew by the Fountain of Fair Fortune to cure her friend, Asha, of her disease.

It is possible that this potion had extremely powerful healing properties, as Asha's illness was described as "a malady no Healer could cure", but after she drank the potion, not only was she completely cured, but all the symptoms of her malady had vanished as well. It was this potion that also made Athelda realise that she could make potions for money, and no longer needed to bathe in the Fountain.


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