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Alejandra Alonso
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Chaser for the Brazilian National Quidditch team


Brazilian National Quidditch team

Alejandra Alonso[1] was a Brazilian witch and a Chaser for the 2014 Brazilian National Quidditch team. In her article for the Daily Prophet on the USA-Brazil game, Ginny Potter described her as one of Brazil's finest. Ludo Bagman also put her down as the Outstanding Player on the Brazil team during the first two rounds of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup in his guide which rates the teams who made it to the semi-finals. [2]

Alejandra certainly had a solid game during the tournament. During the Brazil-Haiti match, her and her fellow Brazil Chasers, Diaz and Flores, made as many as thirty attempts to score during the beginning of the game, although they only made ten goals. Ginny Potter also commended all three Brazilian Chasers for keeping their heads during the Brazil-Wales match that was deemed the most contentious matches of the tournament. 

During the USA-Brazil semifinal game, she fumbled the Quaffle twice, as did her teammate, Fernando Diaz. She compensated for this error, however, by scoring when Susan Blancheflower was hit in the face by a Bludger, and put Brazil ten points ahead.


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