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Alastor Moody's broomstick

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Alastor Moody used a specialized broomstick that incorporated a back support which allows the flyer to sit upright. Moody used this broomstick when traveling in the Advance Guard in 1995. He also used it in 1997 in the Battle of the Seven Potters.

Advance Guard

Moody lead the Advance Guard in 1995 while flying on this broomstick. The broomstick is rather like a flying magical wheelchair.

Battle over Little Whinging

Alastor Moody was the last to take flight prior to the Battle of the Seven Potters. When he took off, he flew past Harry Potter, took a last glance (although he did not know it) at the boy, and zoomed forwards. He died later on in the Battle. Moody's broom was most likely destroyed along with Moody.
Alastor Moody Battle Over Little Whinging

Alastor Moody on his broomstick in the Battle of the Seven Potters


Alastor Moody sitting upright on his Broomstick

Alastor Moody sitting upright on his specialised broomstick, while flying with the Advance Guard, over Little Whinging.

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