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Pomona Sprout: "An excellent remedy for the more stubborn forms of acne, bubotuber pus. Should stop students resorting to desperate measures to rid themselves of pimples."
Hannah Abbott: "Like poor Eloise Midgen. She tried to curse hers off."
Pomona Sprout: "Silly girl. But Madam Pomfrey fixed her nose back on in the end."
Pomona Sprout and Hannah Abbott discuss Eloise Midgen's acne[src]

Acne is an infection of the skin, caused by changes in the sebaceous glands which usually happen during puberty.[1] Acne can be treated with a solution of Bubotuber pus.[2]

Acne is also a part of a Mandrake's maturing cycle; once their acne has cleared up they are ready for repotting and after that reach maturity.[3]

Eloise Midgen was known to have a bad case of acne [2] and many of her colleagues at Hogwarts School used her as the standard against which really bad acne was to be measured.[4]


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