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"Calling themselves the ‘Accionites’, their stated aim was to live in a manner ‘beyond the petty concerns of Muggles’."
Miranda Goshawk introduces the group in Book of Spells.[src]

The Accionites were a group of anti-muggle extremists whose only form of muggle-hating was to never lift, carry, or move anything without the use of magic. For that reason, they became famous for their numerous uses of the Summoning Charm, so much so that Miranda Goshawk wrote their tale in her Book of Spells.[1]

Their group was eventually disbanded when their founder and leader Gideon Flatworthy incurred the goblins' wrath by summoning gold and treasure from Gringotts Wizarding Bank instead of withdrawing from his own vault. The group abandoned Gideon, and he was crushed to death when he tried to summon a barn and livestock, being crushed to death as a result.[1]


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