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Accio Quote! is a Harry Potter and J. K. Rowling reference website founded by Deborah Skinner (a.k.a. "Madam Scoop") and Lisa Bunker in 2001. It was originally founded under the title Quick Quote Quill (inspired by the magical quill with a similar name and was also later known by the name Madam Scoop's Index to J.K. Rowling Interviews. The current title is referential of the incantation for the Summoning Charm. The site has not been updated to any significant degree since 2009 (save occasional news updates), but remains a useful resource for fans.

Accio Quote! is comprised mainly of a collection of interviews featuring Harry Potter series author J. K. Rowling, mostly regarding the Harry Potter books, but occasionally other topics. Occasionally interviews with others involved in the creation of the Harry Potter franchise are featured, as well as group interviews with Rowling and other individuals.

Visitors to the site may browse interviews by date, or explore Rowling's comments on specific topics. The site also includes links to the original audio or video for a number of interviews, though in some instances, these may be out of date. Additionally included is a list of hoaxes and rumors related to the series.

Beginning around mid April 2012, all pages on the site displayed an HTTP 500 error message. As of at least May 13, 2012, the site is functioning again, and news updates are being posted, apparently indicating a continued intention to keep the site open. As of at least August 2012, however, the site is once again non-functional. Many pages on the site, though, remain available through the service Web Archive.

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