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Abraham Peasegood was an 18th century wizard who invented the game of Quodpot.


While travelling to the United States from England, his wand came into contact with a Quaffle in his trunk. Peasegood, who had been intending to recruit a Quidditch team upon his arrival, was unaware of this occurrence and began throwing the ball around. Due to the interaction with his wand, the Quaffle exploded in his face.

Peasegood, who had a lively sense of humour, saw the appeal in an exploding ball, and immediately began attempting to recreate the effect. Soon, Quidditch was forgotten as he and his friends developed the game of Quodpot.


The name "Abraham" may be viewed either as meaning "father of many" in Hebrew or else as a contraction of Abram and הָמוֹן (hamon) "many, multitude".