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(This was in The Standard Book of Spells (unless it appeared here in the first game).)
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A copy of this book costs 1 [[Galleon]] at [[Flourish and Blotts]].<ref name="pottermore">''[[Pottermore]]''</ref>
A copy of this book costs 1 [[Galleon]] at [[Flourish and Blotts]].<ref name="pottermore">''[[Pottermore]]''</ref>
*[[Badgering]] (possibly)
*''[[Reparifarge]]''<ref name="pottermore">''[[Pottermore]]''</ref>
*[[Beetle Buttons]] (possibly)
*[[Snail to Teapot]]<ref name="PSf">''{{PSF}}</ref>
*[[Match to needle]] (possibly)
*[[Mice to Snuffboxes]] (possibly)
*[[Rabbit Slippers]] (possibly)
*''[[Reparifarge]]''<ref name="pottermore">''Pottermore''</ref>
*[[Snail to Teapot]] ([[Incantation]] in Chapter XXL)<ref name="PSf">''[[Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (film)]]''</ref>
*[[Switching Spell]] (probably)<ref>The hand for this is shown on ''Pottermore'', hence it's likely that this is one of the spells included. This also explains how Hermione would know about them.</ref>
*''[[Vera Verto]]'' (possibly)

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"The ideal starting point for every student of Transfiguration."
—Advert at Flourish and Blotts.[src]

A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration is a text book on Transfiguration by Emeric Switch. It was a required textbook for Transfiguration classes for first[1] and second year[2] students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. A copy of this book costs 1 Galleon at Flourish and Blotts.[3]



Before Ginny Weasley's first year at Hogwarts, Lucius Malfoy managed to slip Tom Riddle's diary into her second-hand copy of the book in Flourish and Blotts, leading to the re-opening of the Chamber of Secrets in that term.[2]

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A begginers guide to transfiguration!

The book in the films

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