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The decade as a whole:

The 2000s was the decade after the Second wizarding war (1995-2nd May 1998) and also the first decade without the threat of Lord Voldemort (the first wizarding war ended abruptly on the 31st Oct 1981, Voldemort's body dissapeared so the 1980s and early 1990s was basically a cold war, Voldemort was finally killed "nd May 1998) the wizarding world saw many positive changes in the 2000s as well, discrimination against muggleborns, half-breeds and other creatures had broken down, the ministry saw some changes under Kingsley Shacklebolt as minister for magic.

This is also the decade that many of Harry Potter's contempories started families of their own, this decade possibly saw the declining numbers of Pureblood families, as by the 1990s nearly all purebloods were inter-related with one another and there were very few of them left, The Malfoy, some branches of the Weasley family, possibly the McMillan and Parkinson families are probably the only pureblood families left by the 2000s



Weasley family tree ( Luna and Rolf Scamander)

The Weasley and Scamander Children

Bill and Fleur Weasley's children

Percy and Audrey Weasley's children

George and Angelina Weasley's children

Ron and Hermione Weasley's children

Harry and Ginny Potter's children

Draco and Astoria Malfoy's child

Rolf and Luna Scamander's children


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