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The following events occurred in 1940:




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Notes and references

  1. " Archives: Birthdays" from Mugglenet
  2. In Chamber of Secrets, the date of that particular school year is firmly established as being 1992-1993. It is also said that Hagrid was expelled 50 years prior to this (1943), during his third year at Hogwarts. A third year student is 13-14 years old. Along with Jo's confirmation Hagrid was born on December 6, Hagrid's year of birth can only be 1928. He would have turned eleven on December 6 1939 and therefore have started Hogwarts the following September, 1940.
  3. Quidditch Through the Ages (real) - Chapter Nine (The Development of the Racing Broom)
  4. Harry Potter: The Exhibition, (see this image)
  5. Wizard of the Month
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