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Urg the Unclean
18th century goblin rebellion
Part of Goblin revolts

1747-1752 to 1762-1770[1]


Wizarding world


Wizards and witches

"Urg the Unclean. Rebel leader in the 18th century goblin rebellion."
—Urg's Chocolate Frog Card.[src]

The 18th century goblin rebellion was one in a series of goblin rebellions in which the goblin population of the wizarding world revolted against discrimination and prejudice toward their kind by wizards and witches. Urg the Unclean, an activist and goblin, became notorious and featured on a Chocolate Frog Card for his actions and leadership of this rebellion.

Hesphaestus Gore

Hesphaestus Gore, Minister for Magic who successfully put down this rebellion.

Minister for Magic Albert Boot retired from the post of Minister in 1752 as a result of mismanaging this rebellion. His successor, Basil Flack, did little better, lasting only two months in office before resigning when the goblins allied themselves with the werewolves. The Minister that followed, Hesphaestus Gore, successfully put down a number of these revolts, although historians feel his refusal to contemplate rehabilitation programmes for werewolves ultimately led to more attacks.[2]

During the course of this rebellion, in 1762, goblin rebel Vargot was killed in battle — a popular historical theory that may have not been proved is that Vargot was really a renegade house-elf.[3]


Notes and references

  1. The goblin rebellion started during Albert Boot's term as Minister for Magic, that is, between 1747 and 1752, and ended sometime in or between 1762 (death of goblin rebel Vargot) and 1770 (end of Hesphaestus Gore's term as Minister).
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