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[SPOILER] Younger McGonagall in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

When I heard about this and learned that she's not supposed to be in the film, like not-yet-born, I thought maybe they'll give explanation. BUT THERE ISN'T! I watched the film last night and she just appeared there like it's normal. So is there anybody out there who can confirm if we can see, or at least hope, for an explanation in the next film (yes, there'll be another sequel) or they messed up?
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Dumbledore dies

how does Dumbledore die?
he is killed by snape
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[Spoiler] Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindlewald

Umm so and at the ending Grindlewald tells Credence that he is a Dumbledore. Do you think he was lying?

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What happened to winky?

Does anyone know what happened to winky after dobby died? She was probably heart broken because dobby took care of her. But what ever happened to her 19 years later?
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Do you prefer

Harmony or dramione
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Sirius Black

Do you think Sirius REALLY died when he fell through the veil? I don’t.
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Bring back one

This is a hard one I know, but if you could bring back one dead person/ magical creature, who would it be?
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Who do u like better Harry or ron

I like Harry better because he has been so much and he is better looking but that is my opinion
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Top 3 favourite wizards/witches of all time and why..... GO!
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New kid!

Hey y'all I'm am new to the fandom but i am in love wit Harry Potter and I'm only on the third book!❤️
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Fantastic Beasts characters (Spoiler alert)

About who's appearance in Fantastic Beasts the crimes of Grindelwald will be the most exciting for you? And why?

For me it is going to be the appearance of young Dumbledore I can’t believe I am finally going to get deep down in the past of one of the best wizards of all time!
Edit: Actually NO, I am most excited about the appearance of Leta Lestrange and Newt's brother...Drama!
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Are Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange related?

In the 3rd movie of the HP series, PoA, Sirius talks to Harry in front of his family tree and we can see his name and also Bellatrix's name too.
I thought Bellatrix belonged to the Lestrange House...
What's going on?
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[Spoiler Alert]Is Dumbledore gay?

In the 2nd Fantastic beasts movie, there's a scene where Albus Dumbledore looks into the Mirror of Erised and sees himself making an unbreakable vow with Grindelwald when he was young. He also says something along the lines of: "I cannot fight him. He is more than something like a brother to me." when he is questioned by the ministry.
Also, I think I read a writing about J.K.Rowling saying something about this theory.
Can someone help me? Thanks!
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Spoilery Review for Fantastic Beasts Crimes it Grindelwald

Spoilers Ahead-

Damn this movie was good, I think that the critics are wrong about it and it was actually pretty good except for the ending I’d say, the whole Aurelius Dumbledore thing just seems forced for the movie and the whole McGonagall thing annoyed me a lot but Johnny Depp was pretty good and the story had a good twist and yeah probably a 8/10 and Dumbledore was great but didn’t bring anything new to our boy Albus but ehh who cares it was a good reimagining of Dumbledore when he was young, the whole time I kept thinking that the reveal was going to be Grindelwald as Credence daddy but no it was good and the story was pretty good as well. Yeet
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New User - Hey Harry Potter lovers

I just discovered this amazing community. I hope we can be great friends. Or just some people to talk to when we need to escape reality a little bit.
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What Magical creature would you have if you could pick one and why

I would pick a Niffler because... need some pocket money take out your Niffler and it will find some money for you!!! (Also the Niffler is super cute)
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Hermione in Chamber of Secrets

Okay so what I don't understand something. Just how did Hermione mistake a cat hair as a human hair? Was the girl's hair exceptionally short? Was the cat's hair really long?

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