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Other School Mystery games

I really hope they do other school mystery games like Hogwarts Mystery. For the majority of the schools, they don't have the potential to be in any future films, possible books and etc. so there doesn't have to be any worry about conflicts of information. As for the ones we might see like Ilvermorny and etc., any changes between the films and the game could be explained as changes as the school hopes to change with the times (not speculation just saying it's a possibility). We already know enough about the schools, all that's needed is some imagination and research on styles and etc.

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Books vs movies

What do you think is the most important thing that is missed in the HP movies? And what do you think is better in the movies rather books?
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Merlin's beard

Who was Merlin and why did wizards say 'Merlin's beard' when they were surprised or shocked?
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MOD Post// 🎗Golden Quill Awards🎗

💥💥💥It's Golden Quill Awards Time!💥💥💥

Over the next few months MODs will be looking for great Discussion Posts on certain Subjects!

❤💛💙💚 Each award can be traded in during any month for 100 House Points towards the House Debate Competition. All award points MUST be claimed in the Month to be added to. Claiming after the House Debate Champion thread has been posted will be invalid.

Members who currently have House Points to spend!

You may NOT nominate your own Post for an Award.

You may NOMINATE any other thread for an award by pasting the appropriate award into the thread and reporting your own Post. This will notify MODs of your nomination.

Winners of any award will be decided by MODs. No post award discussion will be entered into. The MODs decision is FINAL.

You may suggest other awards you think are appropriate by commenting in THIS THREAD ONLY.

Current available awards are listed HERE:

Excellence in service to the wizarding Community

Order of Merlin

3rd Class - 75 House Points

2nd Class - 150 House Points

1st Class - 300 House Points.


Herbology Book of the Year

History of Magic

Medal for Magical Merit

General Excellence

Award for Effort

Care of Magical Beast

Bravery Against Fantastic Beasts Award


Transfiguration Today Most Promising Newcomer award


Momentous Motion and Magical Movement Achievement


Excellence in Potions Cup


Arithmancy Achievement Accolade


Josef Wronski Award for Excellent Pitch Skills

Spell Theory and Practice Barnabus Finkley Prize for Exceptional Spell-Casting


Honourary Membership to the Dark Force Defence League

Golden Quill Awards Harry Potter Wiki
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January's House Debate

Patronus Changes!

Why did Snapes love change his Patronus to a Doe while James' Patronus changed to a Stag?

We know that a Patronus form will only change when a wizard fall in eternal love, unchanging - part of you forever. So what does it mean when two different men who fall for the same woman, both have their Patronus change- but to different forms?


From the 2007 Bloomsbury Webchat:

"Chely: James patronus is a stag and lilys a doe is that a coincidence?

J.K. Rowling: No, the Patronus often mutates to take the image of the love of one's life (because they so often become the 'happy thought' that generates a Patronus)."


From Twitter:

Sam VT: If your patronus changes cause you love someone, if you fall out of love will it stay the same or change to something else?

JKR -Your Patronus only changes if it's eternal love, unchanging - part of you forever.


The idea for this debate came from the following thread: (although the topic was changed in an edit..)


originally written by Ravenclaw. rylee


Thanks to The Dark Marc for suggesting this topic! (50 Points to Slytherin)


Earn House Points by phrasing an argument and supporting it with reliable evidence! Linking earns you extra points! Don't forget to list your House in your Bio!

*Suggest new topics here: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/d/p/3343172654596156979

*Here's a link on how to link: http://harrypotter.wikia.com/d/p/3258895044706367209

*Here's the House Points tracker: https://harrypotter.wikia.com/d/p/3343172654596212513

*Here's how to make developed posts: https://harrypotter.wikia.com/d/p/3343172654596177990

Happy Debating!

This Debate will be terminated on 31 Janurary 2019

The Dark Marc Harry Potter Wiki
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Resuming the House Games

Hi all,

Welcome back to the FANDOM Harry Potter Wikia House Competition!!

With the growth of the FANDOM House Point system and more and more ways to earn House Points I'll be updating all points and taking tracking requests in this dedicated thread ONLY.

If you believe your links/debate posts etc are worth House Points- please post an update request 💥IN THIS THREAD ONLY💥

Golden Quill award Point redemption can also ONLY be made in this thread

NB: A NEW tracking thread will be posted each Tracking period.

Gryffindor❤: 0

Ravenclaw💙: 0

Slytherin💚: 50

Hufflepuff💛: 0

The current House Point tally will start as of this post and run till the end of January. (or February)

How do I earn House Points??

We currently have 2 different ways to earn House Points




Defence Against the Dull Arts




🎗Golden Quill Awards🎗



❤💙💚💛MOD Post// Defense Against the Dull Arts! 💛💙💚❤
❤💙💚💛MOD Post// Defense Against the Dull Arts! 💛💙💚❤ @getfandom
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Slytherin: House Point Winner for December 2018!

Congrats, Slytherin!

As of 31 December 2018, here are the House Games standings:

Gryffindor❤: 185

Ravenclaw💙: 90

Slytherin💚: 230

Hufflepuff💛: 20

And thanks to everyone else who participated in the two-month long event!

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Can thestrals seen each other though ?????
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favourite HP character?

Who is your favourite character? Mine Is Ginny Weasly
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Did Dumbledore deserve to die for how horribly he treated his students

  • Yes OFSTED should of shut him down
  • No he didn’t deserve to die
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What dumbledore quote is ur fav

My favourite qote is

Light can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.
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Umbridge or Voldemort?

Who is more evil in your opinion: Umbridge or Voldemort? and why?
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deleted scene

so i saw this tumblr post and i really need to know which scene they are talking about? can someone send me a link or something? i have been looking for it for hours now and i think i'm going crazy.
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Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald

I’m just wondering, why did Newt’s Brothers Fiancé/Wife go into the circle, and so did Nagini. I really don’t understand that. Did they want to stop Grindelwald from destroying the world, or is that what they really are. Death Eaters?
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